Cooking videos You Can Create in a Kitchen Studio

Cooking videos are all the rage these days, but what type of videos are there? The internet is full of viral cooking videos, ranging from amateur to professionally made. In 2021, cooking videos were one of the most popular YouTube videos that Singaporean viewers adored. In fact, ranking number 9 on the YouTube chart, Mr Nigel Ng’s ”Uncle Roger MAKE EGG FRIED RICE for Michelin Star Chef", is proof of the popularity of cooking videos.

If you are an aspiring foodie KOL, or a business wanting to hop on the trend of creating cooking videos, it can be difficult to know what style of video is right for you or your brand. Hence, we have come up with a list of the 6 most popular types of cooking videos you can make in the kitchen studio to help you build up content.

1. Product Cooking Demonstration by Brands

These cooking videos are for brands who want to sell and showcase their product in action. For example, a brand that wants to showcase a stand mixer can produce a cooking video of their mixer kneading bread dough. By using a kitchen studio as a professional setting, brands will be able to showcase how well their products work!

Photo of Brand Demonstration

At Minto Studios, a typical kitchen studio like ours includes a beautiful kitchen counter as the background for your shots, professional lighting that enhances the visual quality of your video, ready-to-use cooking equipment, and ample space for you to bring in more equipment for your product cooking demonstration!

2. Variety Talk Show With Host and Guests Eating

As we all know, food brings people together and is a simple conversation starter! Thus why not create a cooking video in a professional lit kitchen filled with studio lights, food and guests? Many people on social media gain satisfaction from watching people eat. 

Photo of Talk Show 1

The recent mukbang phenomenon is evidence to support this. The term “mukbang” derives from 2 South Korean words 'meokneun' 먹는 which stands for eating and 'bangsong' 방송 which stands for broadcast. South Korean youtubers did live shows of themselves eating large portions of food while interacting with live audiences. In no time, this phenomenon spread around the world and became a trend for internet users. 

Photo of Talkshow 2

Similarly, you could do the same for your cooking video! Cooking alone might not arouse much interest on the internet but eating and listening to people chatting will definitely engage more viewers to click on your video!

3. Livestream Cooking Classes by Chefs and Influencers

Why not try livestream cooking classes in a kitchen studio? These cooking videos are great content to increase your internet presence and if you have a following, you will be able to interact with them - giving your followers a good experience!

Photo of Livestream Cooking Class

A kitchen studio would be the best space for livestream cooking videos to be held. This is because in cooking classes, not only do you want to see your instructor clearly, you will also want to see the food presented clearly and compare it to your own cooking result. Hence, sufficient lighting on both food and people is utterly important for cooking videos.

Another crucial element for cooking videos is delivering the instructions clearly, hence the space you are recording the video should avoid a noisy ambience, like heavy traffic on the expressway or a busy market downstairs.

Therefore a kitchen studio will be the most conducive environment to produce a cooking video that can avoid the issues that can arise elsewhere! Our kitchen studio at Minto Studios provides you a professional setting so people will be more inclined to join the livestream cooking classes and watch the cooking videos.

4. Christmas Baking Recipes for Celebrities to Share With Their Fans

It’s never too early for Christmas! Similarly to the livestream cooking classes, this type of cooking videos can increase your internet presence and show appreciation to your supporters. 

Singapore celebrity, Rui En, baking Christmas pastry and sharing with her fans

These cooking videos showcase both the host & guest KOL/celebrity’s relatable image and are picture perfect for social media content. Additionally, not only Christmas, recipe cooking videos with celebrities can be done for any season. For example, cookies for Hari Raya and pineapple tarts for Chinese New Year!

For reference, Minto Studios did a Christmas Baking Recipe cooking video with C K Tang & celebrity Rui En awhile back in our very own kitchen studio. Check out the cooking video: Guide to Holiday Recipes with Rui En

5. Top Down Recipe Videos

You might know top down recipe videos as the internet sensation done by Tasty Videos. What if I said you could create your own Tasty-inspired cooking video in a kitchen studio like ours?

Photo of Top Down Recipe Video

Typically, top down recipes cooking videos are well-lit and need both camera and lighting equipment like overhead cameras and diffusers. These equipment may require heavy duty stands and counter weight. It might not be easily achievable for you to set it up in your own kitchen due to space constraints and limited budget.

In a kitchen studio like ours, essential equipment is all available to use for your brightly coloured cooking video! This will create great content and if the cooking video is professionally shot, it has great potential to go viral!

For reference, Minto Studios did a top down recipe cooking video for Foodqi some time back. Check out these cooking videos: Foodqi Recipe Video - Fried Noodles and Foodqi Recipe Video - Fried Rice

6. TV Commercials for Food Brands

Last but not least, this example is mainly for brands who want to use visual storytelling in cooking videos with brightly lit colours to build their food brands identity. TV commercial cooking videos typically showcase actors in a professional kitchen setting, cooking and enjoying the food. Additionally, shots of steaming hot dishes or cookies freshly baked from the oven stimulates the viewers' appetite immediately and achieves your CTA!

Photo of Brand Commercial

To achieve a production like this, you might want to look at renting a kitchen studio that combines cooking facilities with video production equipment and space. At Minto Studios, we have a kitchen studio available for all your cooking video needs, with all ready-to-use equipment. 😉

We hope these 6 examples inspire you to make your first ever cooking video. If you ever need to rent a kitchen studio, contact Minto Studios! We have all of the necessary equipment and would love to participate in the collaborative process.

Credit: Camera view vector of feature image created by BiZkettE1