Minto Corner
Photo courtesy of Bryan van der Beek

Welcome to our little Minto Corner where we share a little of our thoughts and opinions on visual media and creative trade. Hopefully providing insights that some of you might find useful. We also hope this space can be a chance for you to also join us in conversation with your thoughts as well. There’s what we know, and then there’s so much we don’t. So we look forward to hearing from all of you too!


Coming up tomorrow, will be our first video content on something that we work with a lot in our trade and that is makeup! It is our first go at such type of content, so hope everyone can forgiving! 🙏🏻😊 (Especially on my first time hosting too 😫)


Thank you and look forward to this video coming tomorrow!

Lionel Heng
Director / Lead Photographer
Minto Studios