The Minto Team

The Minto Team is an eclectic team of photographers united by their passion for capturing moments and crafting immersive narratives through the lens. Comprised of diverse talents with unique perspectives, the team specialises in various photography genres, including Portrait, Lifestyle, Product, Food, Events, and Spaces photography. The team's strength lies not just in technical expertise but also in their ability to connect with subjects and clients, creating an atmosphere that allows genuine moments to unfold naturally. Their collaborative approach fosters creativity, allowing each member to bring their individual style while working seamlessly toward a unified vision.



lifestyle, portrait

Lionel always sought to unveil the depth of human emotions through his lens. His commitment to capturing the raw essence of his subjects earned his recognition and respect in the industry. Whether photographing corporate clients, celebrities, or everyday individuals, his ability to create intimate connections translated into compelling and emotive portraits.

Furthermore, his legacy extends beyond his photographs. Through internships, he empowers aspiring photographers, encouraging them to find their unique voice and style. His dedication to sharing knowledge with the next generation ensures his impact on the art of portraiture endures.




product, spaces

Dylan's dedication to highlighting the essence of products through meticulously composed images caught Lionel's attention when he was scouting for talent. Additionally, his portfolio grew overtime to encompass a wide array of products, from alcohol and cosmetics to electronics and baby products. His images didn’t just showcase products; they conveyed stories and emotions, inviting consumers to connect on a deeper level.

Above all, Dylan understands the soul of each product, thereby enabling him to plan every shoot meticulously and accentuate its unique features. Not to mention, his mastery of lighting techniques allows him to sculpt and enhance textures, creating images that evoke desire and curiosity.





Jonathan's career as an events photographer blossomed as he ventured into capturing weddings, corporate gatherings, and cultural celebrations. He believes in being an unobtrusive yet omnipresent observer, ready to seize the perfect shot at any moment. And thus his approach involves understanding the dynamics of the event, anticipating interactions, and seamlessly integrating himself into the surroundings to capture raw emotions.

This is why his photographs didn’t just document events; they narrated stories, encapsulated emotions, and preserved cherished memories. From candid laughter to heartfelt embraces, Jonathan immortalises the essence of each event.


Elsen is a versatile artist whose expertise lies in capturing visuals through photography and videography. He constantly strives to innovate and expand the horizons of his creative work by maintaining a strong passion for his craft. The essence of his artistic expression is centred around storytelling, with a strong focus on capturing images that convey powerful narratives.

Furthermore, Elsen has an innate gift for food & beverage photography. As a foodie himself, he has an affinity with food and thus always aims to evoke sensory experiences through his images, creating an immersive journey for the audience through the essence of culinary artistry.



Associate Photographer





The role of a Producer took flight as Ziying embarked on various projects across social media ads, corporate videos, commercial ads, livestream recordings, and event highlight videos. Before embarking on this journey, she already possessed extensive experience in theatre, concerts, conferences, and event management for 15 years. Her versatility allowed her to work on diverse productions, from short videos to large-scale commercial ventures.

Her role extended beyond logistics; she became the orchestrator of creativity, ensuring that the vision of each project was realised to its fullest potential. Her collaborative spirit and adeptness at fostering a positive working environment garnered respect among peers and collaborators.


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